The Moldovan businessman Anatoly Stati withdrew money from Kazakhstan, intended for construction of a gas processing factory in the west of the country. This was reported by the Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev.

According to the Minister of Justice, Anatoly Stati assigned 167 million dollars, intended for construction of a gas processing factory in Kazakhstan. When he was working in Kazakhstan, Stati placed bonds, and the money received was to be invested in the construction of a gas processing plant.

"For this, he hired German and English companies. The name of the English company is Perkwood. When we looked and requested information from official sources in England, we learned that this company received several tens of millions of dollars from the company Stati. However submitted a nil report and only existed for a few years in England. Then we sent a request to Latvia, and the funds for the construction of a gas processing factory were transferred to the accounts of this company in the Latvian bank. According to the Latvian law enforcement officials, the bank account is opened by proxy in the name of Anatoly Stati himself", - reported Beketayev.

Moreover, as stated by the Minister, the factory still does not work and has not been built. Evidence of fraud Stati Kazakhstan received late, and the court in Stockholm did not accept them. In 2013, the court ruled that Kazakhstan has to paid to Stati 500 million dollar.

"Before the arbitral award is enforced, it must be recognized as lawful in the territory of a particular country. First Stati tried to do this in the UK, he asked the London court to impose a preliminary arrest and recognize it lawful in England. However, the court denied him", - noted the Minister.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Justice, Stati appealed to the United States. However, Kazakhstan filed a counterclaim on his fraud in London. Hearings was scheduled for October.

According to Beketayev, Stati was unable to enforce the arbitration award in England and the US, so he appealed to the courts of Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. In these countries, Stati initiated a preliminary freeze of funds. The fate of money will be decided in subsequent stages.

"He asked to recognize the arbitral award as legalю We will object as in the UK and in these countries. He did not invest in the construction of the factory, but brought it to the accounts in a Latvian bank. In the arbitration decision of one part of the compensation is exactly compensation for the gas processing factory. In the arbitration decision the cost of the unfinished factory is estimated at 230 million dollar. According to our data, 167 million dollar deducted to the accounts in the Latvian bank, that is, the cost of the factory is distorted. Based on this fact, we will protect ourselves. Stati hide the real cost of the plant", - said Beketayev.

It is worth to note that in December last year, the American Bank of New York froze 22 billion dollar of the National Fund of Kazakhstan due to the Mellon case. The reason of the blockage of the National Fund is the statement of Moldovian businessman Anatoly Stati. Because, the Moldovan millionaire Stati wanted to take 500 million dollars from Kazakhstan 4 years ago, by saying "Kazakhstan violated the Treaty on the Energy Charter on the investments of Moldova".

“The Qazaq Times”