The European Union's Strategy for connecting Europe and Asia is the Euro – Asian "Network System"

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Crime decreased by 33 percent last year in Uzbekistan

On January 10, a meeting on further tasks of ensuring peace and public security in the country and preventing crime was held under the chairmanship of..

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The relations of Astana-Moscow are getting worse every day

The official Astana-Moscow relations are getting worse every day. On November 1, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagyntayev and Russian Prime M..

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Caspian Sea is no longer a sea, not a lake

 The Caspian Sea is no longer a sea, not a lake. What special status did get Caspian Sea after adopting new Convention? On August 12, the heads of fiv..

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"New Kazakhstan" Forum: the purpose of visiting America

"New Kazakhstan" Forum's members have held a press conference today in Almaty.  At the press conference, members of the Forum Amirzhan Kossanov, Dos K..

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