EU Strategic Compass. The EU's Strategic Compass, PESCO & CARD

The organization of EU defense and security has a special importance at the moment. Global Europe, Strategic Autonomy, the Geopolitical Commission, th..

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Қытай билігі 2016 жылдан бастап Шыңжаңда экстремизм мен терроризмге қарсы күрестің желеуінде азаматтардың жүріс-тұрысына шектеу қоятын қатаң бақылау ш..

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The descendants of Ospan Batyr in China are sentenced to life imprisonment

In recent years, the government of China has stepped up pressure on ethnic minorities in Xinjiang under the pretense of "fighting terrorism and religi..

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COVID-19: More than a thousand Kazakhs infected in one day, but the statistics are incomplete

According to the official statics on the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan on August 2,  1069 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in ..

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Kazakhstani officials switch to self-isolation, government meeting postponed

Several Kazakhstani officials switched to self-isolation after the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov infected with co..

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